About The Artist

Ashleigh Trim creates utterly unique, eye catching and mesmerising landscapes. Curating the world in her own form that pushes reality into another world of vibrant dreamscapes.

She is a graduate of Falmouth University, currently living and working in Cardiff.

She has been featured in Saatchi Arts Invest in Art 2018 catalogue, and is also represented by New Blood Art.







Placelessness; I aim to remove an identifiable sense of place from the landscape, dissociating it from its actual details and themes and creating a surreal, dreamlike vision.  I paint landscapes as a personal diary, places I’ve been, memories I have, and I try to convey those emotions to the viewer, using enhanced colour and altered perspectives.  I become fascinated with movement, the shift of an object or the distortion of a reflective surface. I focus on empty space, how this can be used to create form.  The idea that any one of my paintings could depict anywhere, at any point in time, any lily pond; any  brick wall; any flower, leaf or tree and that they can relate to anyone, is a driving force behind the work. I want to make people feel all consumed by the work, to view how I see the world and how to escape from its reality.


I paint with mostly oil on canvas, enjoying the fluidity of the marks I can gain from the paintbrush. I can use the paint to manipulate my ideas adding or changing as the painting unfolds. I also enjoy experimenting with a multitude of techniques, collage, photography, Photoshop, book making and binding, and works on paper. I continue to develop my style and further delve into the effective portrayal of my landscapes. My ideas are created as a physical object so you can reach out or hold these places in your hand.

Group Exhibitions/ Events

June 2018 - Falmouth Fine Art London - Copeland Gallery, London

May 2018 - BA (hons) Fine Art Degree Show - Falmouth University

May 2018 - Flourish - Cardiff M.A.D.E

Feb 2018 - The Beat - Cardiff 

Sept 2017 - FOMO Falmouth Art Publishing fair - Falmouth Art Gallery

2017 - 1 of 2 Falmouth's second year Fine Art show - The Poly, Falmouth

2016 - Nautical - Fish Factory, Falmouth

2015 - Foundation Diploma Final Show - Alton College

2014 - The Contemporary Watercolour Project - The Maltings Museum, Farnham


November/December 2018 - Thalia, The Ritual Issue - www.thaliamagazine.com

September 2018 - Saatchi Arts Invest in Art 2018 - https://www.saatchiart.com/invest-in-art/edition-12

Dec 2017 - Afive Magazine

Dec 2017 - Average Art Magazine

Nov 2017 - Wot is Art Magazine

Aug 2017 - Art Maze Mag - http://artmazemag.com/ashleigh-trim/ 


2017 - Shortlisted for Artists Collecting Society Materials Prize

2015 - Winner of ADFAS Scholarship of Excellence